You are looking for a more challenging job that better suits your personality and your personal situation, or you are looking for a career change. TASK offers to assist you in your job search process. We offer career opportunities for all: manager, technician, professional, government, etc…
We recruit candidates for positions located in the greater Montreal area and surroundings.

We offer you our commitment to make your search a pleasant experience. We will work for you to maximize your chances of success. We are looking for a position which corresponds with your expertise and your ambitions in the company whose corporate culture fits well with you.

Many years of experience and the varied expertise of our staff enable us to assess your expectations, your needs and expertise to find the position well and the ideal company to ensure success for you and your employer. We attach great importance to a good understanding of the current needs of each participant while placing them in a long-term perspective. This approach allows us to offer the candidates opportunities that meet their specific needs in which they can excel and thrive in the long term.

Our professional work ethic and passion add value to the candidate and the employer. We consider each candidate, each position and employer as unique. The right combination of these three elements makes our success which is finding the right mix between them.

TASK is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of the personal information of clients and candidates. Personal information will not be disclosed to any employer without your approval.