TASK provides various and high-quality recruitment services for administrative, technical, professional or general positions, and this for all types of businesses. Our work is fast, efficient and personalized. And it will save you a considerable amount of time that you can spend elsewhere in other activities that add value to your business. Our recruitment services are offered in Montreal and surrounding areas.

Your needs become our needs

Listening is one of our strengths. For each mandate we meet the contact person to ensure that we understand well the needs, challenges and specific constraints before starting the screening stage. Then, the selection process that best fits your needs and corporate culture will be developed in a common way, together. The process begins with an initial meeting with the contact person in your company to clearly define the vision, needs, challenges, and corporate culture.

Your satisfaction becomes our goal

Our goal is to recruit the ideal candidate with a high level of expertise of which the human profile meets well the specific characteristics of the position and the company culture. For each position the record of each candidate is scrutinized to ensure a proper ‘match’ for the company and the candidate. This approach allows a win-win situation: i.e. a candidate whose human and technical skills are appropriate to the position and whose career plan is consistent with the company.

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